Business Philosophy

The aim of modern business is not only for profit motives, but to work together with customers to offer optimal services with the goal of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, which is very challenging. We stand for sustainable business development. This is embarking on innovation from research and then transferring them into knowledge for business development. We cooperate for innovation and development to contribute as corporate citizens in business development processes in the areas: environmental and resource management/technology/protection/compliance and research. That is translating research results to knowledge and then to innovation for business development.

This means a strong capacity in research and development, human and technical resource development, ICT, data structure development and management systems. Thereby offering optimal business service packages  to our customers. Our philosophy is based on financial participation in the business community. Our entire business participants share in our profits and costs with respect to their participation. This is to foster a strong level of corporate social responsibility and partnership that wir support through research and development with business partners and researchers.


  • Engineering Services
  • Facility Management
  • Project Management/Investment
  • Environmental Services/Environmental Consultancy